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The Homme Kit includes Face Cream, Aftershave, Hand Cream and Deodorant Roll-on, products suitable for the most demanding skin.

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To satisfy men needs and their search for wellbeing Arganiae studied the Pour Homme Kit: pleasant texture that is absorbed right away, light and oil-free, active principles with high standard performances, together with vital and energetic scents for a wide range of products extremely practical and effective. “Arganiae For Men” line includes Face Cream, After Shave Serum, Hand Cream and Roll-on deodorant, products meant for the most demanding types of skin.

It contains:

  • ROLL-ON DEODORANT with Argan Oil and Mallow Exctract
    The Argan Oil and Mallow Exctract Deodorant is a real concentrate of pleasure and effectiveness. Rich in precious natural active principles, it is an effective and gentle product. Its non-greasy and alcohol-free formula does not irritate, respects the skin and regulates transpiration without blocking it. Formulated for all skin types, thanks to the special Complex of active principles regulating transpiration, the natural action of Vitamin E, and the oustanding protective and eudermic properties of Argan Oil, it guarantees an effective all-day protection, eliminating unpleasant smells and leaving your skin feeling pleasantly dry and soft. The Mallow extract, rich in polysaccharides, invaluable principles to soothe skin irritations, completes the action of this deodorant, that can be used daily without damaging the skin of this vulnerable and delicate area.

  • HAND CREAM with Argan Oil and Wheat Germ Mix
    The Argan Oil and Wheat Germ mix Hand Cream is a beauty product, with natural active principles, softening the skin. The presence of the Argan Oil and Wheat Germ mix makes it a real restructuring and nourishing treatment with outstanding protective and eudermic properties. Its particular composition, rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals helps prevent reddening, irritations, chapping and fights against free radicals which contribute to skin ageing. The synergic protective and nourishing action of Wheat proteins and Ceramides form a skin barrier against external agents. Even the driest and most neglected skin will look and feel soft and nourished after just a few applications.

  • AFTER SHAVE SERUM with Argan Oil and Jojoba
    The Argan Oil After shave Serum is a real concentrate of nourishment and pleasure for the skin of your face. It employs a mix of vegetable oils, such as Argan and Jojoba, which are characterized by outstanding protective and eudermic properties, and make it a product able to grant softness and relief to the skin irritated after shaving. Rich in Vitamin E, it helps to fight against free radicals and skin aging. Thanks to Menthol this after-shave treatment leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness on the reddened skin. Suitable for all skin types thanks to its highly absorbable gel formula.

  • FACE CREAM with Argan Oil and Jojoba
    The Argan Oil Face Cream for men with Argan Oil and Jojoba is a highly absorbable emulsion which, apart from safeguarding the physiological skin balance, grants it tone and luminosity. Thanks to Argan Oil, rich in Linoleic acid and Vitamin E, and to Jojoba Oil, rich in Tocopherols, it moisturizes the skin deeply helping it recover its lipidic surface film. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, Vegetable Collagen, and Cyclodextrin, supermoisturizing substances with outstanding filmogenic properties that help to fight the aging effect of dehydration.


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Homme Kit

Homme Kit

The Homme Kit includes Face Cream, Aftershave, Hand Cream and Deodorant Roll-on, products suitable for the most demanding skin.

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