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Kit of natural Baby products based on Calendula, Chamomile, Oats and Argan Oil.
Ideal for: cleanse, moisturize, protect and soothe your baby’s entire body skin.

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Arganiae purposes an innovative Baby Kit for our children care; as all Arganiae’s products it takes all properties from Argan oil, rare and precious, has been known for centuries by the Berberian inhabitants of Morocco, for its extraordinary cosmetic, medicinal and alimentary properties.

It is not only a milestone for the hygene and comfort of your baby but also a special gift for a newborn.

It contains:

  • Perfumed Oil with Argan Oil
    This oil rich in active ingredients is suitable for a child’s delicate skin; it protects the skin long from dehydration, redness and irritations. Apply it after a bath to provide natural nourishing components to protect the skin’s hydration and keep the skin soft. Cleans the driest and most sensitive skin without water, thanks to its formula rich in oil and without surface-active agents.
    Suitable to prevent stretch marks, even during pregnancy.
  • Shampoo + Bath Foam Light
    Baby Shampoo & Bath with neutral PH contains gentle cleansing substances and is specifically made for newborns as it respects the delicate balance of hair and skin. Suitable for the daily bath of newborns and for cleaning children’s face and hands.
    Slightly foamy, it gently cleans the sensitive skin of children, while being easy-to-rinse, leaving hair soft and easy to comb. Its formula is based on Argan Oil, allowing it to moisturize and protect, while the Chamomile and Oats preserve the skin’s natural hydration.

  • Soothing Cream
    Thanks to its natural components, this cream soothes, protects and moisturizes the face and body even of the youngest children without altering the skin’s structure. Its water-proof formula minimizes contact with wet diapers, which can cause irritation and redness. The results are due to the combined action of its natural ingredients: Argan Oil is protective, softening and repairing; Rice Starch is refreshing and soothing on the reddened areas; Zinc Oxide neutralizes irritation caused by urine.

  • One Thousand Flower Talcum Powder
    Arganiae talcum powder is ideal for the baby’s daily hygiene and toilet. It is pure and simple, and it caresses your baby’s skin preserving all its softness. Its refreshing and drying action gives a pleasant sense of wellbeing. If you use it after your baby’s bath or shower it will give his/her body a delicate spring perfume. A world of cuddles for your little darling baby

  • Baby Soaps
    Arganiae soaps have a special formula rich in vegetable active ingredients specifically prepared for cleansing children’s sensitive skin. Glycerin, Olive Oil and Pyrus juice are precious components that preserve skin hydration. The fragrance is a mixture of fruit and flowers with spring perfumes such as Strawberry and Cotton Candy.

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