Savor Noir - Black Soap


Natural Black Moroccan soap ideal as exfoliating, antibacterial, detergent.


Size: 250ml - 500ml

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A traditional product from Morocco, black soap is used in all Hammams throughout the world after the typical treatments in heat baths. Obtained through a special process from Olive oil, it has a semi-solid consistency with a dark green color and an intense perfume. Initially wet, the soap is spread on warm and moist skin along the entire body with strong movements and pressure, later rinsed with warm water.


The black soap treatment is completed with a horsehair glove that gently scrubs and exfoliates the skin.

The soap has a pH higher than standard soaps and, combined with the glove massage, efficiently and pleasantly exfoliates the skin.


It comes in four versions: Neutral, Argan Oil, Rose and Eucalyptus


-  Exfoliating

-  Antibacterial

-  Cleansing

Active Ingredients

-  Olive oil

-  Argan oil / Rose essential oil / Eucalyptus oil

How to use and store:

Apply to wet skin by properly massaging it in, rinsing it off with lukewarm water to eliminate residue; exfoliate with a horsehair glove.


ATTENTION: Do not use the black soap on mucous membranes, children’s skin or sensitive and hypersensitive skin. Do not use the soap after scrubbing. After the black soap treatment, it is advisable to massage the body with Argan Oil or with the Argan Oil body emulsion.


External use only; avoid contact with eyes. Avoid leaving products open and unused for long periods. Store cosmetics in a cool, dry place away from direct light. Any slight variation in colour is an indication of the naturalness of the ingredients and does not alter the quality of the product in any way.


Ingredients - INCI

Olive oil*, Sodium hydroxyde*, Argania spinosa Kernel oil** / Rosa centifolia* / Eucaliptus globulus*

* Natural ingredient

** Ecocertified ingredient

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