Many different lines to solve any aesthetic problems or simply to treat various skin and hair types in the best and most specific way.
What do they have in common? Our specialty: Pure Argan Oil in every formulation!

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  • Liquid Gold by Arganiae

    Since 2005, Arganiae has been importing cold extracted Argania Spinosa seeds, the famous Argan oil, directly from Morocco, and has always used it to create unique products for all skin types.


    Arganiae gathered all these products in the “Arganiae L'Oro Liquido” (Arganiae Liquid Gold) line.


    There are several benefits that make Argan oil so valuable: it deeply hydrates without greasing, it accelerates cellular rejuvenation, it protects and soothes sensitive areas, it tones and restores elasticity, it’s absorbed instantly and it is rich in various active substances.


    In which products can you find it?

    Definitely in our body, hair and nail oils but also in:

    - Face cleansers, creams and masks

    - Shower gels and body creams and gels

    - Shampoos and hair conditioners

    and many others!


    Discover now the whole Arganiae Line, L'Oro Liquido!


    Our Argan oil is 100% pure, organic, free of parabens, paraffin, mineral oils, SLES, DEA and SLS silicones!

    Do you want to know more? Discover the quality of our products!

  • Arganiae Spa

    To carry out beauty spa treatments anywhere, Arganiae has created the Arganiae Spa Line. 

    Line, you can find high quality products that can meet any of your needs.


    A few examples?

    Essential oils for massages, ideal for: draining excess water, minimizing cellulite, relaxing, stimulating microcirculation, toning, eliminating toxins and much more.

    Specific salt treatments to firm, exfoliate and fight cellulite blemishes.

    Black Arganiae Soap ideal as an antibacterial, exfoliant and cleanser; comes in four fantastic versions: Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Rose Essential Oil and Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

    Honey and sugar wax for hair removal and the Waxing Kit which also includes wooden sticks and depilatory strips.


    Discover now all the items of the Arganiae Spa Line and treat yourself to some professional products while staying comfortably at home!

  • Baby

    Arganiae purposes an innovative baby line for our children care; as all Arganiae’s products it takes all properties from Argan oil, rare and precious, has been known for centuries by the Berberian inhabitants of Morocco, for its extraordinary cosmetic, medicinal and alimentary properties.
    The Argan tree grows only in the south - western region of Morocco in spite of the extremely dry climate of that area. It is one of the few trees the origin of which dates back to the Tertiary Age and can live up to 250 years. Its fruits, which look like olives, grow and ripen between June and September.

    The Berberians consider this tree very precious and exploit all its parts: the leaves and fruits are used as forage; the wood is used for fire and for small pieces of furniture. From its fruits they extract two different oils: an alimentary oil which is rich in nutritive values and a cosmetic one which has always been used by Moroccan women for its toning up, emollient and protective properties.

    Scientific studies have proved that Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids, linoleic acid and Vitamin E. That’s why it can penetrate deeply, and it can be absorbed very quickly thus integrating the lipid deficiency of our skin.

  • Pour Homme

    A cutting-edge line that shows the strength and charm of Moroccan landscapes through valuable functional ingredients selected for men's treatment and well-being.

    Men’s skin is very thick, has an intense perspiration and can easily get oily. For these reasons it requires specific attention. It is also evident that nowadays men care greatly about their looks and body care is more and more considered something to indulge in, in order to relieve tensions and fight stress. To satisfy men needs and their search for wellbeing we introduced the special “Arganiae For Men” line: pleasant texture that is absorbed right away, light and oil-free, active principles with high standard performances, together with vital and energetic scents for a wide range of products extremely practical and effective. “Arganiae For Men” line includes Face cream, Shampoo, Aftershave, Hand lotion and Roll-on deodorant, products meant for the most demanding types of skin.

    In respect for both people and the environment, Arganiae For Menproducts do not contain: Parabens, Paraffin, Mineral oils, silicone, SLS, SLES, DEA.

  • "I Solari" Sunscreen line

    All Argan Oil Sun Products are specifically designed for safer sunbathing. These sun creams provide a large spectrum of protection because of the system of sun filters entered in the formula to provide an efficient defense against UVA and UVB rays.

    Arganiae sun products use the rare and precious Argan Oil, known for centuries by the Berber population of Morocco for its cosmetic, pharmaceutical and alimentary properties. This oil, very rich in unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid and vitamin E, is able to stimulate the vital functions of the cells, restore the stratum corneum, minimize wrinkles and deeply hydrate the skin. It also acts against dehydration, and physiological ageing while restoring the hydrolipidic film and providing nourishment to the cells.

    Arganiae sun tanning oils contain the precious Walnut Husk Oil, which stimulates melanin production and protects the skin as it is rich in antioxidant vitamins. Walnut Husk Oil gives the product a typical amber color; it does not stain but enhances the tan and makes the skin soft and moisturized.


    It is essential to recognize the phototype for safer and more sensible sunbathing. The phototype indicates the individual sensitivity to the sun and provides a measure of how much the skin can protect itself from the sun.

    After establishing the phototype that an individual belongs to, the most suitable sun product can be chosen according to the skin type and the needs of protection/tanning, which also depends on the time of day that the person will sunbath.

  • Carmen

    Couperose is a skin flaw shown by reddened skin around the nose and cheeks: it is caused by pour surface blood circulation and by vasodilatation of the underlying microcirculation.
    Arganiae’ s research into true beauty has always been based on finding the right harmony between body and mind, and has studied a new synergic action for sensitive skin subject to reddening and dehydration.
    “Carmen” is a cosmetic line of creams, serum and masks that are specially researched, based on specific active ingredients that are soothing, decongesting, antioxidant and protective of the blood vessels.


    Skins subject to reddening and couperose are visibly improved, with an even colour and deep-down nourishment that stimulates cell renewal. Arganiae guarantees that its products do not contain mineral oils, GMO, parabens, synthetic colouring, SLS, TEA, DEA, non-plant raw materials that are considered “at risk”, allergens, irritants or that are damaging for human health. Ionised radiations are not used. Our products are not tested on animals.

    Definitely a line worth trying!

  • Exclusive

    Always looking for new products for the body wellbeing, Arganiae presents the latest product of its cosmetic research: the new line of cosmetics “Exclusive” which exploits the ancient tradition and new biotechnologies blending the nourishing, moisturizing, regenerating properties of its components.

    Exclusive means quality, for the use of a high quantity of organic active principles and for the strict control of the production technique. In fact, Arganiae guarantees that its products are free from mineral oils, OGM Parabens, artificial colouring, extracts from animals, sls, imidazolidinyl Urea, TEA, DEA. Argania does not use “risky” non-vegetable raw materials, which could be unhealthy and cause allergies or irritation. Besides no ionizing radiations are used.

  • Videcò

    The Videcò line was born from the need to create a product with unique characteristics to combat wrinkles, expression lines, bags under the eyes, and dark circles.
    So why is the Videcò line special? 
    It was created by combining the hydrating powers of Hyaluronic acid and the infinite properties of 100% pure Organic Argan oil, an eco-certified ingredientthat isthe base ingredient of most of Arganiae’s cosmetic products.
    Hyaluronic Acid was chosen as the main ingredient of this formula because it is naturally present in the connective tissues of humans. Furthermore, it is responsible for the hydration of our skin, making it softer and silkier to the touch.


    So, why the need for a boost of extra hydration based on Hyaluronic Acid?

    Because external factors such as the Sun, smog, smoke, and poor nutrition contribute to decreasing the quantity of this substance in our body, leading to wrinkles and visible signs of aging on our face.
    Nowadays, the most reliable face products in the world of skin care are based on this substance, and we at Arganiae are always at the forefront in finding the latest trends when it comes to skin care, always fully respecting the environment and natural, eco-certified ingredients.


    Discover the new Videcò line and our strategy to counteract the effects of aging skin!

  • Safran

    A line that expresses the rarity and prestige of one of the most valuable spices in the world: Taliouine’s Saffron. Called “Red Gold” because those who cultivate it claim that it takes about 150,000 hand-picked flowers, equal to four football fields and 400 work hours, to obtain one kilogram.  his valuable extract is obtained by the stigma of the wonderful purple Crocus sativus flower, a perennial plant that reaches full bloom in the fall.


    Taliouine, a small village in the Berber Mountains is at the heart of saffron cultivation: a land covered by Argan trees on the west and Rose cultivation on the East towards Ouarzazate.

    There, in the Souktana plateau, between 1300 and 1500 meters, lies Morocco’s oldest cultivation area of this flower. Eleven producers – gathered in the Coopérative Agricole de Taliouine and supported by the Moroccan ONG Migrations et Développement – cultivate small land plots at a maximum of 1 hectare and, between October and November, they harvest the flowers at dawn when they are still closed; then they store them in a cool room and separate the precious stigmas. Each phase is done by hands and the fertilization is natural.

    There are no particular varieties of Saffron but, in the Souktana plateau, the land, the natural fertilization, the climate and the producers’ knowledge make the product 7 times richer in Safranal, an antioxidant molecule found in Saffron, compared to other cultivations worldwide *

    *ONG Migrations et Développement


    Its use has been known since ancient times: it appears in many ancient Egyptian papyri and in many ancient Greek and ancient Roman texts for its many virtues and uses, Cleopatra used it during her beauty bath or as a natural pigment applied as makeup. It has also been used by Indian women since ancient times for its quality toning and anti-aging and known in Chinese medicine for its restorative properties.


    This spice is unique because it contains a high percentage of Carotenoids, especially Crocin and Crocetin, which give extraordinary anti-free radical properties and, at the same time, a characteristic bright red color.

    The Crocus sativus plant synthesizes B vitamins that give stimulant properties, amino acids and high moisturizing polysaccharides, antioxidant and protective flavonoids.


    These features make it unique for protective skin and hair products. Furthermore, the high antioxidant power makes it perfect for an anti-aging treatment that improves the appearance of mature skin.


    In respect for both people and the environment, Arganiae products do not contain: Parabens, Paraffin, Mineral oils, Silicone, SLS, SLES, DEA.

  • Arganiae Parfums

    Four sensual and fresh scents, able to meet different character types and the individual imagination of every woman, persistent and discreet creations to wear and match to a season, a moment, a special event. Simple yet rewarding pleasure.

    Masculine fragrances, energetic and lively, suitable to a refined man who wants to complete his personal style with a touch of elegance.

    Unusual and new proposals that combine power and elegance to help you stand apart.

  • Canapa Touch

    Naturalness, the rediscovery of traditions and the pursuit for quality and sustainability are the guiding values of the Canapa Touch line which is made up of selected ingredients coming from certified organic farms, all which supports social economy projects and environmental-friendly packaging.


    Why is Hemp Oil important for our body?

    The Oil, which is cold extracted from hemp seeds, is very precious because it is 100% organic, rich in unsaturated acids, gamma linoleic acid, essential amino acids, trace elements, and above all Omega-3 and Omega-6. But that is not all! It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, E, phytosterols, and a selection of minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.


    What are its cosmetic properties?

    Since ancient times, Hemp Oil has been known for its powerful anti-inflammatory action, both protective and moisturizing. Nowadays, scientific studies have confirmed these properties and have also shown the stimulating, anti-bacterial and antifungal properties of this hemp oil.



    On the face and body: apply few drops to get stimulating, moisturizing and anti-ageing effects.

    On hair: it has an intense restructuring and nourishing activity and it is efficient at rebalancing the skull in the presence of greasy hair, dandruff, dermatitis and cradle cap.

    For massage: it helps relieve muscle tiredness, cramps or swellings.

    Psoriasis: it eliminates hitch and reduces desquamation.

    Acne: it regulates the production of sebum, which is good for the skin because, if the body is poor in linoleic acid, it is more prone to be affected by aggressive and long-lasting acne.

    Fungi: it prevents mycosis and reduces localized irritations.


    Paper pack made from SHIRO ALGA CARTA.

    Natural and delicate, it is crafted using algal blooms oft he venice lagoon and recycled fibres from bamboo and cotton.

  • Stem Cell

    New frontiers of beauty

    Thanks to a study carried out years ago by a group of Swiss researchers, it was discovered that stem cell extracts are able to interact with skin and hair follicle cells, increasing their lifespan and improving their regenerative capacity, thereby slowing down the physiological aging process of the skin and hair. The results of the study also showed that the extracts obtained from the stem cells of a certain Swiss apple variety, combatted the formation of free radicals, therefore also demonstrating an antioxidant action. 


    What are stem cells?

    Stem cells are basic cells that can become almost any type of cell in the body. They are able to multiply quickly and can both “self-renew”, that is, make identical copies of themselves, and develop into more specialized cells for the specific tissue or organ in which they live, like in the animal world, for example muscles, liver, kidney, or blood. Thanks to the latter process, which is called cell differentiation, the stem cells are able to replace the old ones (dead or no longer functional), repairing diseased or damaged tissues and organs.


    What’s the connection between stem cells and cosmetics?

    It should be noted that the cosmetic ingredient used in the finished product is not the whole stem cell, but stem cell extracts. These extracts are concentrated in substances such as vitamins, amino acids, lipids, and minerals, thereby obtaining functional properties that are able to collaborate directly with other cells, which then intervene in those physiological processes that slow down their activity over time. Green stem cells help stimulate fibroblasts, increase fibroblast proliferation, protect cells against damage from ultraviolet radiation, and counteract the action of free radicals, thereby helping to slow down chronological aging and photo-aging. These cells also contain so-called EGF-like domains (Epidermal Growth Factor), very similar to human ones, and are therefore used in cosmetics to stimulate tissue regeneration and trophism.

  • Sanitizing

    Line of hand sanitizing gel with hydroalcoholic base. Available in different sizes and sizes: from the smallest that can always be taken with you, to the 5-liter recharge, ideal for those who have a business and want to always have the product.

  • Argan C

    Vitamin C is mainly used in cosmetics for its anti-radical action, as it is an antioxidant that stabilizes free radicals, as well as for its effect on the synthesis of collagen, responsible for the elasticity of the skin and for its lightening effect on the skin as it interferes with the melanin synthesis process.

    The wide range of Argan C Arganiae products is designed for having a perfect beauty routine in the coldest months of the year. Its products are suitable from evening to morning for dull and uneven skin in need of radiance and firmness. 

    A simple and effective routine will give you a unique sensory experience.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items