Taking care of our body, hair, facial skin, hands and feet is something every woman and man needs to feel good about themselves. Decide which part of your body you want to pay special attention to, and discover all the Arganiae products that have been created specifically for it!

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  • Body

    You can find every type of treatment among the Arganiae body care products, starting with our unique Pure Argan Oil!

    Delicate skin cleansers and scrubs, anti-cellulite gels and anti-stretch mark cream, sunscreens and intimate cleansers. What do they all have in common? There are always natural extracts in their ingredient list (INCI), as well as Argan Oil, an essential element of all our natural cosmetics.

  • Face

    Arganiae’s facial skincare products cater to all skin types: everyone will find the natural extract that is right for their face with our line of day and night creams, serums, eye contour gels and beauty masks.

  • Hair

    Arganiae hair care products are all made with Argan Oil and biological and natural extracts, leaving your hair soft and silky.
    SLS & SLES free.

  • Hands and Feet

    Our hands and feet are often the parts of our body we don’t give enough care and attention to.

    Arganiae products for hands and feet contain eco-certified and organic ingredients which will take care of the dry skin on these areas of the body, especially during the coldest period of the year.

  • Perfumes

    In addition to cosmetic products for the body, face, hair, hands and feet, Arganiae has also created six different fragrances.

    Four of these perfumes are for women, namely:

    - Zagorà: a fresh and slightly sweet essence

    - Essaouira: a fresh and sensual fragrance

    - Kenitra: an aromatic and earthy perfume

    - Nador: warm fruity and oriental notes

    The other two are for men:

    - Sedrik: aromatic earthy notes for men who want to stand out

    - Kamal: fresh and slightly sweet, for classy elegant men.