I lived in Morocco for more than twenty years and learned the extraordinary properties of Argan oil directly from local producers.
I learned about ancient traditions and how much Nature can help us when we live in hostile climate environments.
This experience has allowed me to create cosmetics according to the strictest rules of naturalness with effective formulations in which all the components are of biological origin and derivation and the processing is free of chemical treatments.
The naturalness of Argan Oil - and of all the raw materials used - is the inspiration and undisputed protagonist of all my cosmetic lines.

Commander Giuseppe Voltolina, founder of the Arganiae brand

The birth of our company

The Arganiae line was born in 2005 from the pioneering idea that the use of natural ingredients, such as essential oils, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in cosmetics was a new horizon of well-being and beauty of people. This was the perspective of Giuseppe Voltolina, a multifaceted and exuberant person, who divided his life between his passion for flying and that for commerce, the hallmark of the Voltolina family.

The history of the Voltolina family is a true example of success "Made in Italy": from the experience of an Italian to his enlightening idea, from the production of products in laboratories in Italy to international sales.

These premises are the foundations with which Giuseppe founds the company and proposes himself to the market as the first importer in Italy of Argan Oil on which he bases his cosmetic lines. The success is immediate and surprising.

The Arganiae brand distinguishes a line of exclusive cosmetic products based on this precious and beneficial oil, ideal to bring benefits to the most demanding skins because obtained with avant-garde formulations that are combined with the priceless ancient traditions of the Berber people of Morocco.

The lines Exclusive, Baby, Solari, and the others are the natural evolution of a ten-year process of development of natural cosmetic products created with attention to the consumer and constant search for the best quality.

Arganiae today

Thanks to the quality of the product and the daily work based on craftsmanship, after more than a decade Voltolina Cosmetici srl is an important reality and known in the world of natural cosmetics with a distribution throughout the national territory and in several foreign countries such as Canada, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, South Korea. Over 3000 Herbalists, Pharmacies, Parapharmacies and Wellness Centers in Italy have chosen its products to offer their customers.

Voltolina Cosmetici srl currently makes available to the Italian public the ecommerce for online sale of products.

The headquarters are located in Olmo di Martellago, in the province of Venice, where are located the executive offices, the showroom and the demonstration room.