THE ARGANIAE LABORATORIES: the forefront of ecocosmetics

A constantly updated laboratory, formulates and develops avant-garde cosmetics that are characterized above all by the use of natural active ingredients, essential oils and phytoextracts.
A concrete professionalism and a passion beyond measure able to make accessible to all people the pleasure of a natural cosmetic pleasant and effective.

In order to meet every specific need of the skin and to create engaging sensations, there are many studies from which every single formula is born, because our goal is to create formulations that make you dream, from the simplest products to those destined to leave their mark in a market that is constantly evolving.



Some images of PRODUCTION inside the Arganiae laboratories in Olmo di Martellago, in the province of Venice.


Produzione prodotti nei laboratori Arganiae Creazione cosmetici naturali nella fabbrica Arganiae Imbottigliamento prodotti Arganiae