Pure Argan Oil


Very high vitamin concentration of natural origin (vitamins A, E, F). Vitamin E is the ultimate anti-radical; Vitamin F is crucial for epidermal hydration and for the maintenance of microcirculation

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Argan Oil has a special balance between the essential fatty acids of its formula, which is very similar to the natural composition of human skin, giving the oil a very high coefficient of penetration in the cell membranes and, therefore, allowing it to be absorbed quickly. It does not leave a grease residue and it integrates skin’s lipid deficiency.


Lipid hydration is essential as any cell of our body, and, therefore, even the skin has its own membrane formed for about 70% of phospholipids (made of fatty acids); water is only inside the cell. Argan oil’s structure is very similar to the structure of human skin; that is why this oil is absorbed very easily.


Argan Oil is an excellent enhancer and, if it is mixed with paraffin-free face or body creams, it allows the functional substances to penetrate more easily. It has also very high concentration of vitamins (A, E and F) of natural origin. Vitamin E, the anti-free radicals par excellence, is present with an amount of 700 mg/kg (this quantity is three times higher than the common olive oil) and it is in its most active form: Alpha-tocopherol. Vitamin F is an essential substance for skin hydration and the maintenance of micro-circulation.


It contains

  • Pure organic Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil

Benefits of our pure Argan Oil

-  Instant, intense and deep moisturizing

-  Re-balances the correct hydro-lipidic contents of the cell membranes

-  Protects sensitive areas and gives elasticity and firmness

-  Soothes sensitive skin

-  Favors peripheral micro-circulation (against cellulite blemishes)

-  Easy and fast absorption, it does not leave a greasy residue

-  Improves the effects of any other product

-  Fights free radicals and oxidizing agents

-  Accelerates cell rejuvenation

-  Gives the skin a silky texture

-  Multi-vitamic action (vitamins A, E, F)

-  Enhances the action of paraffin-free cosmetics

How to use and store:

Apply a fair amount on the area to be treated and massage until completely absorbed or add a fair amount of oil in the bath or mix it with other products to enhance their effects.


External use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. Avoid leaving products open and unused for long periods. Store cosmetics in a cool, dry place away from direct light. Any slight variation in colour is an indication of the naturalness of the ingredients and does not alter the quality of the product in any way.

Ingredients - INCI

Argania Spinosa (kernel oil) *

* Organic Ingredient

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